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GeoRadio features in-depth interviews, community news and perspectives on a bevy of local, state and national topics including sports, style, politics, art and more. GeoRadio plays music, laughs a lot, and welcomes flowing conversation. Hosting the show is N.Batez and Constant , while DJ Trach Meropolis is on the 1s & 2s.

GeoRadio's goal is to provide the people of the community an outlet to have their voice heard while providing neighborhoods the attention and details it needs, but doesn't often get. Building dialogue is an important key to accessing information and sharing ideas. The GeoClan team is hoping that you will be part of this process.

Six years strong and continuing to grow, GeoRadio is birthed from the same folks who give the world the informative website,, the annual Martin Luther King Symposium, the Art Fix program and film series: Issues Through Film.

Listen to GeoRadio on WPEB 88.1FM every other Friday.


WPEB 88.1

GeoClan is proud to be a part of the exciting happenings at WPEB 88.1 FM in West Philadelphia. The community station aims to inform the community and give the community what it's been missing on the radio dial. GeoRadio picks up were leaves providing the community with commentary, interviews, great music and more. Fields covered include sports, music, community, politics, arts and culture, popular culture, the environment and much more.

GeoRadio is on WPEB 88.1 FM every other Friday from 6-9pm with DJ Trach Metropolis, hosts N. Batez and Constant and special guests. More information on our next show will be coming soon so stay tuned.


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