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GeoReview: Truelements Presents J Period , The Best of Lauryn Hill
By Clayton Ruley

Lauryn Hill was and is still the best female lyricist in the game if you consider the he recent appearances a return to the game.  She left the music scene for a while under a cloud of suspicion as her wheres and whys after a multi-platinum album the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill . A MTV Unplugged album and concert left people thinking she was a little thrown off.


While I don't believe that at all I do believe that she did get overwhelmed and tired the politics and bullshit called superstardom and fell back perhaps having a spiritual uplifting and real understanding of what was important (always important)


Recently she performed at the 2005 BET Awards with her old group, The Fugees, apparently on the verge of a comeback. So it's a perfect time to drop a hot best of and J. Period did his thing with the help of Ms. Hill herself speaking on a host of topics and fellow artists like Black Thought and Nas talking about Ms. Hill's impact.  


J. Period has all her great songs solo and with the Fugees and has special remixes with her on some of the hottest beats like the beat from Nas' "No Idea's Original", Tribe's "Electric Relaxation" beat and many more.  Period mixes it all so well including some mini interviews, interlude and freestyles: old, new and exclusives. It's not only good to hear Lauryn on anything; it's great on her on different new and old school Hip Hop tracks and some records you may have forgotten. Lauryn's talent shows you once and again that a woman can hold anyone's attention and it doesn't have to include her showing skin.  Whether rhyming or singing she is the total package and her voice can't be silence by anyone but herself.


Lets hope this is just a glimpse of more things to come. I'll give the mixtape 5 Globes.

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