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Today is:
I'm Going to Do Things to your Mind
By Robin Jessie-Green

This poem was originally published at Associated Link up by clicking here!

I'm going to do things to your mind

Straight up and down and all around inside

Your mind is prime for function

Absorbing and learning, deflecting interruption

No outside influences distracting your mental view

It's all about you

And the things I will do

I'm going to do things to your mind

Now pay attention

I'm about to get inside your head

And once inside

I will implant and embed

seeds of fruition

Igniting sparks in your brain

Stimulating the pulsating blood

flowing through your veins

Don't be embarrassed

It's okay

I'll take it really slow

I known you'll engulf more of me this way

Reaching the peak of a series of spasms

Your mind will shiver and quiver

From a mental orgasm

And when your thoughts are thoroughly developed

I'll begin again

You'll beg me to stop

but it will never end

Taking you to a pleasure zone uncharted and previously unknown

inside of you

I'm going to do...

things to your mind

Like so many before you and so many after you

You can't ever get enough

Don't you know

people have been killed over this stuff

And when you're contemplating

It'll be me you're retaining

I'll be waiting

I'm knowledge you see

If you absorb me

I will always stay

I am information

and will never go away

So let me in

So I can begin

I'm going to do things to your mind

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